• The definitive guide to the fault free swing.
  • James Lythgoe covers all the bases, from every anlge.

The Golf Swing:

It's All in the Hands

The Golf Swing -- It's all in the Hands.
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I look forward to making posts and sharing my thoughts and insights I have of the golf swing. It is with great pride, passion, focus and determination that I was able to write this book and deliver the lesson on the hand action of the golf swing. The main reason I was able to write this book is because I took the time to learn the golf swing, thirteen years worth of learning. The intention of my book is to provide you with the instructions I used to develop my golf swing and achieve pure ball striking. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that I was able to help you, in some little way, with your golf swing. Take care and have fun.

Roll Your Hands Over, Turn Your Hands Over
April 26, 2014

Dear Golfers: I receive many hits on my website for keywords, "rolling your hands" or "turning your hands over." I'd simply like to say that you don't do either during the downswing. The feeling of rolling your hands through impact...

Interview with James Lythgoe
February 16, 2014

Here is the URL of the interview I had with Reader Views: http://readerviews.com/interviewlythgoejamesthegolfswing/

Rolling Your Hands During the Golf Swing - Don't Do It
June 23, 2013

 I get a lot of hits on this website for the keywords, "rolling your hands during the golf swing." I would like to take the time to refer you to a couple of places where you can learn what to...

Reader Views Interview with James Lythgoe
May 19, 2013

The Golf Swing: It’s all in the Hands James Lythgoe James Lythgoe (2011) ISBN 9780981339207 Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views    Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is pleased to interview James Lythgoe, who is here to talk...